• MET/CAL® Warranted Calibration Procedures

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  • Warranted calibration procedures for MET/CAL® Plus software

    MET/CAL® warranted procedures are optional calibration procedures for MET/CAL® Plus Calibration Software. This class of MET/CAL® procedures, produced by Fluke Precision Measurement engineers, is designed to satisfy your need for ready-to-go, fully tested calibration procedures.

    MET/CAL® calibration procedures are warranted by Fluke Calibration to produce valid calibrations on the intended unit under test (UUT) for the specified model and revision level. The warranty assures you of Fluke Calibration's full support for the original, unaltered procedure.

    Once installed and operational, these procedures automate the calibration process under MET/CAL control as described in the UUT's service documentation. In many cases, multiple procedures are provided for each model to provide "verification only" and "adjustment" procedures. Multiple procedures also may be provided which give you a choice of different standards to perform the calibration.

Số lượng

MET/CAL® core calibration procedures

A number of example procedures are supplied free with MET/CAL®. You may download these calibration procedures from this website, use them 'as is' or as a template for developing your own custom procedures to fit your operation's specific requirements and calibration workload.

What procedures are available?

View a list of procedures »

How to get free access to the procedures library

MET/SUPPORT Gold is an annual membership program offering premium support and services to help you stay as productive as possible. Gold members receive free access to all MET/CAL® procedures, as well as a host of other benefits. Use only a few of the Gold services and you can easily recover more than the cost of your membership fee.

Download procedures

The procedures are available on the MY MET/SUPPORT » online community for MET/SUPPORT members to download. Non-members may view the procedures to see what is available.


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