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  • COMPASS® for Flow is a fully customizable macro-enabled mass flow calibration software package based on the COMPASS® for Pressure software platform. Unlike its predecessor, COMPASS® for molbox, COMPASS® for Flow natively supports non Fluke Calibration flow references, making it a universal mass flow calibration program. References that have a supported remote interface can be fully automated. A built-in macro capability provides users a tool to perform complex real time flow computations, as well as alter the test scenario based on data collected. A complete set of unit under test setup, test setup and report generation tools are provided to support an unlimited set of calibration scenarios.

    New in COMPASS for Flow version 4.0:

    • Seat-based licensing - connect to the COMPASS for Flow database from multiple licensed PCs
    • Export data into MET/TRACK® Asset Management Software version 8.x
    • New "Custom Time" option allows customization of the test dwell time, average time and regulate time
    • "Tare molbox" option allows customization of the tare pressure (upstream or downstream) for the reference or device under test on any test point
    • Updated HELP file including topics related to flow
    • New flow-specific fields and intellisense in Macro Editor support flow macro development
    • Flow-specific setup examples and macros in the setup database assist in calculating sonic flow

Số lượng

Use COMPASS® for Flow software with these Fluke Calibration products:

  • molbox1
  • molbox1+
  • molbox1+S
  • molbox RFM
  • MFC-CB
  • MFC Switchbox
COMPASS® use information COMPASS® for Flow is delivered on an installation CD. It is a proprietary software program intended for single computer use. COMPASS® for Flow may be purchased with a site license, which allows multiple simultaneous users in a single organization in a single physical facility.
Minimum computer requirements to run COMPASS® for Flow IBM PC or compatible running a 32-bit version of Windows (Windows XP, Vista, or 7 operating system), 500 MHz processor, 256 MB RAM and 50 MB free hard disk space


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