• 9230 Gallium Cell Maintenance Apparatus

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  • Inexpensive, easy-to-use fixed-point maintenance apparatus

    • One week plateau duration
    • No hassle automatic realizations
    • Used daily in our Primary Lab

    The gallium melting point (29.7646 °C) is a critical temperature. Thermometers used in life science, environmental monitoring, and many other applications depend on it for accurate calibrations. Lab standards rely on it as an ITS-90 check standard and as a means of measuring drift between calibrations. Fluke Calibration now makes it easy to use.

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The new 9230 Gallium Maintenance System works with Fluke Calibration's Model 5943 Stainless Steel Gallium Cell to provide melting plateaus that last a week, with results approaching what can be achieved in a Fluke Calibration maintenance bath. Not a day. Not a day-and-a-half. One week.

The Model 5943 Stainless Steel Gallium Cell holds a gallium sample that is 99.99999+ % pure. The gallium is sealed in a PTFE envelope in a high purity argon atmosphere, which is itself sealed inside a stainless steel housing. This double-sealing method reduces leaching into the gallium sample and ensures a life of ten years or longer for the cell.

Temperature Range 15 °C to 35 °C
Ambient Operating Range 18 °C to 28 °C
Stability ±0.02 °C
Vertical Gradient < 0.03 °C over six inches during cell maintenance
Plateau Duration Five days, typical
Resolution 0.01 ° (0.001 ° in program mode)
Display Scale °C or °F, switchable
Immersion Depth 220 mm (8.75 in) in gallium cell
Stabilization Time Preprogrammed
Preheat Wells 2
Fault Protection Heating/cooling rate cutout
Display Accuracy ±0.05 °C at 29.76 °C
Heating Time Preprogrammed
Cooling Time Preprogrammed
Comm. RS-232 included
Power Requirements 115 VAC (±10 %), 60 Hz, 1.0 A, or
230 VAC (±10 %), 50 Hz, 0.65 A, 175 W
Exterior Dimensions (HxWxD) 489 x 222 x 260 mm
(19.25 x 8.75 x 10.25 in)
Weight 8.2 kg (18 lb.) without cell


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