• 3990 Manual Pressure Control Packs

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    • Self-contained for ease-of-use
    • Includes precision adjustor to allow increments as fine as 0.00025 psi
    • 1000 and 3000 psi models also provide absolute and negative gauge mode
    • Includes metering valve for fine control
    • Vent valve provides easy means to vent pressure to atmosphere
    • Convenient 1/4 inch NPT connections

Số lượng

The Series 3990 Manual Pressure Control Pack provides a convenient means of manually adjusting pressure to both the device under test and a calibration standard such as a gas piston gauge or digital pressure indicator.

The two models available are with full scales of 7 MPa (1000 psi) and 20 MPa (3000 psi).

Control Packs

Model 3990-801 Vacuum to 1000 psi
All ports ¼ in NPT female
Model 3990-803 Vacuum to 3000 psi
All ports ¼ in NPT female


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