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  • You know about the benefits of our MET/TEMP II software, but you didn’t order your Fluke Calibration instruments with RS-232 ports, or maybe you’ve made the mistake of buying less capable competitor products.

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TableWare calculates coefficients for RTDs, thermistors and thermocouples. It uses ITS-90, IPTS-68, Callendar-Van Dusen and polynomial equations. TableWare also generates temperature vs. resistance, temperature vs. ratio and temperature vs. EMF tables.

Simply enter or import the raw resistance or voltage data from your calibrations. TableWare generates coefficients, calculates residual values and generates useful tables.

Tables and coefficients can be exported to a text file for analysis in other software packages.

Also, TableWare allows you to generate tables from coefficients that can be entered manually. No raw data is required!

TableWare v3.0 is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, 8, and 10 operating systems.


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